Parent Dashboard — Nickel


In brief

Designed the parent dashboard for Nickel, an app that helped parents teach their children financial responsibility by enabling parents to give their children allowance, chore, and one-off money on a debit card, and incentivize their children to save a portion of their money to accomplish financial goals and learn financial responsibility.

The parent dashboard was the main interface for parents, allowing them to monitor their children's spending and saving habits, and make one-time transfers.


The primary focus for this interface was to give parents a quick and easy way to do the following:

  1. See the balance of their child’s card balance and savings balance, also shown as “Pocket”
  2. Explore what their child had recently spent (and saved)
  3. Observe where their child was spending the most money
  4. Send their child money for one-off chores or expenses

The dashboard needed to accommodate families with one child and families with multiple children, as well as children with only a spending account (“Card”) and children with a spending account and a savings (“Pocket”) account.


Research — Product Strategy — Sketching — Wireframing — Information Architecture — Prototyping

Constraints / Challenges

  1. Give parents quick and easy access to their child's (or children's) data and usage information, while keeping navigation intuitive
  2. Allow parents to “dive deep” into spending data, including sorting and filtering, while keeping the dashboard easily glanceable
  3. Enable parents to quickly and easily add money to their child's account for one-off chores/jobs and expenses, while keeping the dashboard view focused on monitoring spending (and saving) and the primary objective of Nickel, helping their child(ren) learn financial skills and responsibility
  4. Give parents access to spending (“Card”) and savings (“Pocket”) accounts, while making each account view both intuitive and quickly glanceable


The goals of the parent dashboard was to make it quick and easy for parents to check on their child's spending and their child’s progress towards financial responsibility, and enable parents to give their child money for one-off chores and expenses. The resulting design was intuitive and quickly glanceable, while affording parents the ability to dig deeper into spending and saving activity as well as give their child money with a few quick and intuitive taps.



Video of parent dashboard in action