In brief

Designed the parent dashboard for Nickel, an app that helped parents teach their children financial responsibility by enabling parents to give their children allowance, chore, and one-off money on a debit card, and incentivize their children to save a portion of their money to accomplish financial goals and learn financial responsibility.

The parent onboarding flow served as the first introduction to Nickel for most parents, and was crucial in educating parents on how Nickel worked, why the service was valuable and worth paying for, and getting parents to sign up for the service, which involved providing sensitive personal information.


The key focus for the onboarding flow was to make the process easy to complete, while giving parents sufficient information to make an informed and confident decision about signing up for Nickel. The following goals were paramount:

  1. Introduce parents (and children) to Nickel
  2. Educate parents on what Nickel was about
  3. Show parents how Nickel worked
  4. Illustrate the value of Nickel to parents
  5. Explain pricing and communicate worth
  6. Get parents to sign up for Nickel
  7. Build trust with parents to make them comfortable giving sensitive personal information (e.g. name, physical address, social security number, debit/credit card number)


Research — Product Strategy — Information Architecture — Wireframing — Prototyping

constraints / challenges

  1. Quick and easy to complete to maximize conversions, yet detailed and trustworthy to reassure parents and decrease churn
  2. Visual and easy to browse quickly, while having detailed information and explanations for parents who were unsure or who wanted to dig deeper
  3. Informative and educational for new users to grasp concepts and convert, yet concise and succinct to make the onboarding process easy with a sufficient level of detail to minimize drop-offs
  4. Simple and intuitive, yet sophisticated and thorough enough to increase feelings of security for parents when asking for sensitive personal informaiton


The goals of the onboarding flow for parents were to introduce Nickel to parents, educate them on how the app worked, illustrate the service's value, and get them to sign up for the service. Since signing up required entering multiple pieces of sensitive personal information (e.g. social security number, debit/credit card), it was essential that the flow was transparent and easy-to-understand, while keeping the process simple and easy to complete. Furthermore, the onboarding flow needed to strike a balance between being quickly scannable, to minimize time to completion, and being explanatory, to assure parents and maximize conversion. The resulting design was intuitive, relatively quick to complete, and visual, while simultaneously being detailed, informative, and educational, and allowing parents to clearly understand the benefits of the app to themselves and their children.

Tappable prototype