Child savings — Nickel


In brief

Designed the parent dashboard for Nickel, an app that helped parents teach their children financial responsibility by enabling parents to give their children allowance, chore, and one-off money on a debit card, and incentivize their children to save a portion of their money to accomplish financial goals and learn financial responsibility.

The Child Savings screen(also shown as “Pocket”) was designed to enable children to quickly check their savings, see how their savings had grown, as well as inspire them to save more money and keep their money in savings for longer.


The main priority of this screen was to give children an intuitive, interactive, informative, and engagingplace to do the following activities:

  1. Allow them to quickly check the balance of their savings
  2. Visualize and quantify their savings deposits
  3. See how their savings had grown
  4. Enable them to interact with their savings data, encouraging active participation in their financial education
  5. Inspire them to save more of their allowance, chore/job money, and gifts
  6. Encourage them to hold onto their savings for longer

Since teaching savings and financial responsibility was a core feature and selling point for the app/service, it was essential that the screen be engaging and useful for children so they would interact with their savings as often as possible with the highest level of engagement.


Research — Product Strategy — Sketching — Wireframing — Information Architecture

Constraints / Challenges

Since saving and financial responsibility is an impertitive skill and piece of knowledge, and hence critical for parents, it was important to make saving front-and-center, educational, and inspiring; At the same time, since saving and financial responsibility can be boring, challenging, and unimportant for many children, it was equally important to make the savings screen friendly, fun, engaging, and useful for children. As such, the screen’s design needed to walk a thin line on the following topics and concepts:

  1. Interactive and engaging, yet glanceable and intuitive
  2. Detailed and informative, yet simple and easy-to-understand
  3. Exciting and cool, yet educational and inspiring
  4. Useful and utilitarian from day one, yet scalable and usable after months of data


The Child Savings screen (also shown as “Pocket”) was designed to enable children to quickly check their savings, see how their savings had grown, and inspire them to save more and hold onto their current savings for longer. The screen needed to intuitive, informative, and engaging to satisfy parents’ desire for their children to learn and grow as well as fun, engaging and interactive to get children actively learning and participating in saving. The resulting design was fun, interactive, approachable, and informative, allowing children to engage with their savings casually or in depth, and helping to create a positive feedback loop about the rewarding, life-long habit of saving.