As a product designer, my speciality is intuitive mobile experiences, with strong user empathy and a background in support and operations from Google and design at various small-to-medium startups.

My skills include user research, systems design, wireframing, prototyping, and user interface design; My intuitive and useful mobile experiences are created by questioning assumptions, communicating early and often, and iterating on process. My goal is to have an impact on the world through consumer technology, specifically in health, fitness, travel, online-to-offline, or another mission-driven market (e.g. education).

When taking a break from work, my passions are running, cycling, cooking/baking, and exploring the world with my wife. You will often find me at the best third-wave coffee shops and cafes, enjoying the outdoors on a walk, hike, run, or bike ride, visiting family on the east coast, or making a feast for friends and family to enjoy. Born in Cambridge, MA, my past studies include finance, political science, applied statistics, and rainforest ecology.

During my two years at Google, my interest in product and design grew, and, being entrepreneurial at heart, my interest lead me to leave Google to pursue my newfound passion. Following more than two years of freelance mobile design work, my pursuits lead me to Nickel, a company with the ambitious mission of teaching teens the value of a dollar, and how to spend and save money responsibly. At Nickel, my work, as the founding designer, laid the foundation for the app, which would later be featured by Apple in the App Store. Following my time at Nickel, and a three-month trip throughout Southeast Asia and Australia with my wife, my focus shifted to a long-time passion project, YourLocalMe, which became my focus for over a year; launched the service, got feedback, and tried to find product-market fit.